• How a 2-Way Messaging App Can Benefit Your Business

    If your business has not yet considered investing in a 2-way messaging app, now is the best time to do so. Here are just a few ways such as app can benefit your business in the coming months and years: Verify All Types of Appointments Whether your business involves scheduling service appointments with customers or scheduling delivery appointments to or from your business, you can rely on a 2-way messaging app to make the process easy for you and your employees.
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  • New To Reading A Teleprompter? Follow These Helpful Tips

    Teleprompters are helpful tools that allow people to read a script while looking into a camera, rather than memorizing the entire script. This is done with mirrors and glass that project the image over the camera lens so that it looks like you're looking at the camera, but the camera doesn't see the text in front of the lens. Reading a teleprompter can be a bit different if you've never used one before, which is why it helps to have these tips as the reader.
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  • Top Reasons Why It Might Be Time For A Data Center Migration

    Your business might have been using the same data center for quite some time now, and it might have never really seemed necessary to migrate to a different one. The time might have finally come for this to happen, however. These are a few top reasons why it might just be time for a data center migration. Lower Costs Depending on the data center that you migrate to, you might be able to migrate to one that is more cost-efficient.
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