Facial Recognition Security Devices

Posted on: 28 September 2021

Facial recognition security cameras can be used to identify who is knocking on a door or identify who is already present within your business. If crowd control is one of the variables that has persuaded you to upgrade your security camera system, learn how a facial recognition feature could improve safety at your place of business and keep you aware of what is occurring on the premises.

Drawbacks Associated With Some Standard Systems

A security system may contain a camera and a recording device but not be able to distinguish who is being captured via the video equipment. Some systems that are designed to lock and unlock doors may rely upon a keypad or a swipe card. An individual who is not warranted to enter a building or a room within one could potentially guess the proper key code or could get their hands on a swipe card that is needed to access a locked door. These problems could make your security equipment ineffective at keeping intruders away from your business.

Facial Recognition Systems

Facial recognition security systems use artificial intelligence software. Camera styles vary and can be installed over a doorway or along the front or side of a building. Facial recognition systems are useful for preventing break-ins and can also be beneficial in identifying trespassers who remain on the property. People who frequent a business on a regular basis or employees who have a right to be inside of a commercial building during normal operating hours will need to have their picture taken.

As a picture is taken, it is added to a database. This database will contain all of the people who have a right to enter the premises at any given time. If a person approaches a camera and is unrecognizable, an end-user can keep the door locked or can access an intercom system to speak to the person who is on the opposite side of the door. 


If you choose to purchase facial recognition security devices, choose enough equipment to cover areas where people congregate on a daily basis. Install a camera near the entrance to your business, along the dock where freight is loaded and unloaded, and near areas inside of your business that you would like to monitor. Alert people to the fact that they are going to be recorded by hanging signs that specify that you are using facial recognition security devices.

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