• How Does Data Quality Monitoring Software Do Its Job?

    Using data quality monitoring software is a good way to ensure the information your organization collects and uses will be in good shape. Given the role data monitoring plays in some operations, potential adopters may be curious about how it does the job. Here are 5 elements of the typical data quality monitoring system. Definitions The simplest way in many instances is to create definitions. If a company uses special characters to protect database forms against SQL injection attacks, for example, the coders and data scientists at that organization should know what to look for.
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  • Installing A Security Camera System In And Around Your Home

    Modern electronics have made home security much more accessible for anyone that needs a few cameras around their property but does not want to pay for a monthly security monitoring company. Security camera packages that allow the homeowner to place and monitor their cameras are more affordable than ever and come with as few as two cameras or as many as ten or more cameras to put in and outside your home.
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