How a 2-Way Messaging App Can Benefit Your Business

Posted on: 22 June 2021

If your business has not yet considered investing in a 2-way messaging app, now is the best time to do so. Here are just a few ways such as app can benefit your business in the coming months and years:

Verify All Types of Appointments

Whether your business involves scheduling service appointments with customers or scheduling delivery appointments to or from your business, you can rely on a 2-way messaging app to make the process easy for you and your employees. When it comes close to the time for a customer or delivery appointment to take place, your 2-way messaging system can automatically send a verification text to the customer or delivery service.

The customer or service provider can reply to the text directly, confirming or rescheduling the appointment as is necessary. The reply would be directed to your management team members so that they know exactly what to expect when appointment day rolls around. This can save you lots of time and manpower when compared to verifying appointments over the phone.

Manage Interactive Marketing Campaigns

A 2-way messaging app can also be used to create and manage interactive marketing campaigns that are designed to engage customers and make them excited about your discounts. You can send out texts offering discounts on future purchases, all your customers will have to do is respond to the text to get their discount code. This encourages customers to take immediate action and makes it more likely that they will actually buy from your business since they went through the trouble of getting their discount code.

You can also use 2-way messaging to host competitions for customers to participate in. You could send out a question about your company and offer a free product or steep discount to the first dozen people who reply with the correct answer. Or simply ask customers to respond with a specific word to be entered into a monthly drawing. Competitions are an excellent way to ensure that your business stays relevant in the minds of current and potential customers alike as time goes on.

Get Direct Feedback from Customers

Customer feedback is crucial for any business, as it helps managers understand what they are doing right and in which areas they can improve upon. Feedback also makes it easy to gain valuable insight, suggestions, and ideas that can be used to change your business practices in a way that better serves and satisfies your customers overall. Simply use a 2-way messaging app to send surveys to customers so that they can fill the surveys out and send them directly back to you without the need for a computer.