Top Features To Look For In A Good PCB Manufacturer

Posted on: 29 November 2018

When you are in the business of manufacturing electronics, the printed circuit boards you use in building your product are probably one of the most important components. Therefore, keeping a good supplier enlisted to help you with all of the PCBs you need is highly important. If you are just starting to outsource PCBs from a supplier, you are bound to feel a little overwhelmed about picking the right one. Here are a few things to look for in the best PCB supplier for your electronics manufacturing business. 

The supplier offers quick fabrication and assembly. 

Quick turnaround when you place an order is a big deal. The faster you are capable of getting the PCBs you need, the faster you can get your products completed and off to the customer. Some PCB manufacturing companies and suppliers will require that you place orders weeks in advance so they have time to work with the design, create prototypes or models, and then produce your supplies. However, the best ones will be able to start building PCBs within a day. When you need a quick turnaround for your own product production, this is really important to have in a supplier. 

The supplier gives you live tech support for products. 

There can be a lack of communication between the supplier and the manufacturer that hinders production processes. For example, if you order your PCBs, get them in the first few products and there is a problem, you may not know what to do to rectify the situation if you do not have access to good tech support for the created PCBs. The very best PCB suppliers will always make sure they are available to help you with tech support issues whenever you need help. Look for a company that offers live tech support around the clock.

The supplier does not have minimum order restrictions. 

If you are producing a small order of electronics, you do not need a supplier who is going to require you to order so many thousand pieces just to get the PCBs you need. It is always best if you have a supplier that can give you what you need without requiring that you place a big order of PCBs you do not necessarily need right now. Therefore, make sure you look at suppliers that can fulfill your big orders, but will also be just as open to small orders when that is all you need.