The Advantages Of On-Premise Servers Over The Cloud

Posted on: 23 July 2018

Cloud-based, virtualized solutions have become the standard in many industries today. However, there are still some reasons you might prefer on-premise servers. On-premise computer servers haven't gone the way of the dinosaur; they're still being used in many applications. Here are just a few of the core advantages.

On-Premise Servers Don't Rely on Internet Speeds

Regardless of the resources available to you, cloud-based solutions still need to be connected to through the internet. This introduces latency. On-premise servers can be connected to via the local intranet. When connecting through the local network, it's possible for much faster speeds to be achieved. As the company grows and scales, this will make the system faster and more efficient.

Being able to connect to your server through the local intranet has another advantage, as well: you can connect even if your utilities are down. In many modern businesses, if the internet goes down, absolutely nothing can get done the entire day. With a local computer server, employees would still be able to get at least a little work done without internet access.

On Premise-Servers Are More Secure

Not only can on-premise servers be connected to through the local intranet, but they can be only on the local intranet. An on-premise server never has to be connected to the internet, making them much safer. Cyber crime is growing steadily year by year, and many companies are finding their most important data compromised. An on-premise server has far fewer risks, as they can't be accessed directly.

Smartphones are introducing many security risks, as employees may log into a cloud-based service and lose their phone. As a cloud-based service can be accessed from anywhere, the system can then be broken into. A smartphone carries no such risk with a local computer server; even if it's lost, it won't be able to connect. 

On-Premise Servers Are Under Your Control

What happens if your cloud-based solution shuts down? You could lose all your data and your ability to continue operating. If your accountant somehow doesn't pay your web services bill, you could find yourself losing absolutely all of your data within as little as a couple of weeks. Do you have back ups? An on-premise server is completely under your control; you aren't going to lose your data unless you lose your data.

Though on-premise servers may not have the seemingly infinite resources that virtualized, cloud-based servers do, they are still valuable for the above reasons. If your business prizes security and needs a highly accessible network device, on-premise computer servers may be the answer.