When Your Small Trucking Company Is in Chaos: How to Fix It

Posted on: 23 December 2017

Owning a small trucking company is a big deal. You have to keep track of all the books, the inventory, the merchandise your company agreed to ship, and the trucks you send out in several directions every day. If you are not careful with keeping track of everything, the whole company turns into chaos. If you are already walking into chaos and cannot find the way out, here is how to fix it all.

GPS Trackers

Some drivers really hate the fact that the trucks they drive are being tracked. However, it is important to your small company that you know exactly where your trucks are at all times. You need to know if the trucks are lost, heading in the wrong direction, or appear stalled somewhere.

Your customers depend on you to inform them if their shipments are going to be late, as well as the reason why the shipments are late. You cannot provide that information without tracking the trucks. Hence, the GPS trackers inside each truck cab help you find the truck on which a specific shipment has been loaded.

Small Trucking Company Software

You cannot work with the standard trucking company software because you are not sending out fifty to one hundred or more trucks every day. You need small trucking company software that is flexible enough to fit with your company. This software allows you to scan and forward shipments, receive and scan shipments for holding, and even track where the shipments are in real time. There are even applications within the software that allow you to act as dispatch and to establish effective communication between you and your drivers. Such applications ensure that if there are any last minute changes or detours of the trucks or orders, you can communicate the changes to your affected drivers quickly and easily.

Accounting Software for Accountability and Profit

Keeping account of the money flow is vital to your business too. If you fail to bill a customer, you lose profit. If you bill too much, you lose a customer. Not much else can unravel a small business than ineffective accounting. Keep yourself accountable by having excellent accounting software. If you feel that the accounting aspects are not your thing, hire an accountant who will keep your books for you and keep you accountable for any and all missed entries. Doing all of the above pulls your trucking business out of chaos and back into the driver's seat of a well-oiled machine.