How Much Will Setting Up My Business Website Cost?

Posted on: 3 October 2017

Setting up a business website is an exciting step. There are options for all budgets, so read on to find out what factors will affect your costs. 

Your Hosting Plan

The first thing you will decide is how to put your site up on the internet. There are free options, like the Wordpress free version. These will have ads, though, and the targeted ads might even be from your competitors. It's best to pay for web hosting and your own domain. 

Shared web hosting plans are an affordable option. Your website is served from a remote computer. If that sentence means nothing to you, just know that shared web hosting plans allow you to create a website, and the web traffic is dealt with by the service provider. They will also make sure the downtime of the site is minimal, and some will handle automatic upgrades for you. 

The third option would be a private hosting option, and this is really only necessary when you're dealing with high-security services, such as government or financial institutions. 

Your Web Template

You can use a number of free themes and plugins to create your own website if you want to spend the time on it. Web design and development services are an option for creating a custom website. A lot of free templates end up having the same look and feel as other sites, and you may want to invest in professional website design as a way to make your page stand out. The sky is really the limit as far as web design and development, so discuss a reasonable budget from the professional you choose. 

The Services You Choose

The plugins and services on your website tend to cost money. For example, most payment processors will take a few percent of each transaction as their fee. Plugins for scheduling may cost a couple bucks a month. You may see free and paid versions of these different plugins, but for the sake of security and functionality, paying for the premium plugin is usually the best option. 

Major companies spend millions of dollars designing and redesigning their websites. But it should comfort you to know that, if you want basic functionality, you can create your business website for free. If you want modest upgrades, such as a great design and customization features, you can get away with a few hundred dollars per year.  

Contact a hosting company for more information and assistance.