4 Benefits Of A Voip Business Phone System

Posted on: 26 September 2017

Technology is continually advancing, and in this day and age business owners no longer have to strictly relay on traditional landline telephone systems for their companies. Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems are becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes for a number of reasons. Some of the major benefits of a Avaya business phone system include:


Many VoIP business phone systems are very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of a landline business phone system that requires multiple lines. One of the reasons that landline phone lines tend to be more expensive is because only two people can use a line during the course of a phone call. Only so many lines are available, so the cost of calls tends to be higher, especially long distance calls. VoIP relies on an Internet connection to transmit voice data, so the number of phone lines is irrelevant. In many cases, domestic and long distance calls are free with a VoIP phone system.

Useful Features

VoIP business phone systems come with a number of useful features that make doing business on a day-to-day basis much easier. Calls can easily be forwarded, you can set up a virtual receptionist, and voice mails can be transcribed and sent as an email or a text message, just to name a few features. When needed, you can set your VoIP phone system to "do not disturb", which will automatically forward your calls to voice mail. With so many features available with a VoIP business phone system, you can select the ones that benefit your business the most.

Increased Mobility

When an office has a traditional landline phone system, calls can only be taken and made within the office. But a VoIP phone system completely changes that. If someone will be out of the office for the day, he or she can choose to have his or her business phone calls redirected to a cell phone or home phone number. This allows clients and customers to be able to get in contact even when a person is not working in the office. 

Easier Conference Calls

Conference calls are a normal occurrence for many businesses; it is possible to conduct a conference call with a traditional landline phone system, but doing so will require paying extra for the ability to host multiple callers. If your company has regular conference calls, a VoIP system is much more convenient, since the capabilities are typically built into the service you are already paying for. Depending on the equipment that you have in your office, you can also host video conferences through your VoIP service.