Important Questions About Using Hybrid Radio Communication Systems For Your Business

Posted on: 22 September 2017

When your employees are away from the home office, it is essential for you to be able to get in touch with these individuals. Otherwise, it may be impossible to efficiently manage your workforce or address problems that can arise over the course of a project. To this end, hybrid radio communication systems, like the Explorer msat g3, can be an excellent option for meeting this critical need of your business.

Why Should Your Company Invest In Hybrid Radio Communication Systems?

For businesses that must regularly dispatch employees to rural or otherwise isolated areas, it can be remarkably difficult to get in touch with the worker as these areas may have limited or no cell phone coverage. Additionally, there are many businesses that will need to send workers to areas that have been devastated by storms, and this can also be a situation where cell phone coverage is severely restricted. In these situations, hybrid radios may allow your employees to still communicate with your office. This is possible as these devices can be configured to use cell phone signals, radio broadcast frequencies and satellites. As a result, your employees will likely find that one of these options will allow them to get a signal out or to receive calls.

Will These Radio Communication Devices Be Suitable For Those Doing Field Work?

It is often assumed that these devices will be too delicate for fieldwork. However, these systems are designed to be able to withstand the intense stresses that fieldwork can involve. For example, it is common for handheld units to be waterproof and impact resistant. If you still have concerns about these systems being damaged, it is possible to opt for these systems that are directly wired into the truck or car, and this will keep it safely out of harm while still allowing your worker to easily use the system.

How Secure Will Communications Done Over The Radios Be?

Another concern that business owners may have about these systems is a belief that they will not be secure. However, it is important to understand that any communications done through traditional cell phone signals or satellites will be encrypted, which can keep this information safe from eavesdropping. Communications that are done over traditional radio broadcasts may be able to be intercepted if individuals know the frequency you are using. For this reason, you should avoid the use of the radio broadcast mode if you are needing to communicate sensitive client or internal information.