How CMMS Helps Protect Your Business From Intern Inventory Mistakes

Posted on: 20 September 2017

Keeping track of a business' inventory is something that many owners often leave to their interns. However, mistakes in inventory can be a serious problem that can cost your business a fortune. That's where CMMS programs become so useful.

Intern Confusion Can Be Catastrophic

While interns are good at making their own silly mistakes on a new job, it is important to minimize them making more serious mistakes that could affect a business. For example, they may input data improperly into a system and cause a serious problem with your goods. Even worse, they could cause you to spend money ordering new items you don't need.

As a result, it is important to install a computerized maintenance management system or a CMMS and to acclimate them to it. This step is crucial because it helps to minimize the chances of the kind of serious inventory mistakes that could lead to a cavalcade of problematic business decisions.

What Is CMMS?

A CMMS is a software package that you install on your system that helps create a simple database for a business. For example, it can help manage maintenance operations and help streamline your human resources management. More importantly, they can help an intern understand your stock and to make sure they don't make any mistakes when calculating numbers.

These programs typically cover a wide range of a business' needs, such as their work orders, the descriptions of these work orders, and managing inventory. They also help manage asset needs and provide a simple way for your workers, particularly your inventory interns, to keep track of everything in a simple way.  

How These Programs Can Avoid Intern Mistakes

CMMS programs help interns avoid making inventory mistakes by giving them a better understanding of how to gauge it. It also creates a more transparent system that is easier to grasp and which helps everyone, not just interns, stay on the same page. For example, it creates a unified system that will track all of your inventory in a simple and streamlined manner.

It can also be automated to catch potential mistakes and fix them before they become a bigger concern. For example, if it spots a discrepancy in your intern's system, it can alert the intern and their managers before allowing the mistake to become official in the program. In this way, mistakes can be caught before they become a serious problem.

There are plenty of CMMS program packages available that a business owner like you can install on your system. Each has their advantages and disadvantages that make them worth considering. So talk to your IT specialist and create a training program for your full-time employees and your interns. You won't regret this decision.